Recipes for a successful event? 


A recipe for a successful event? It never existed. I think that's what makes the organization of events so interesting. An event is always unique. No event is like another. There are always uncontrollable elements in the event organization in addition to the predictable. In addition to the early planning, there is always flexibility in demand. In unforeseen circumstances, it is right to act and not to put your head in the sand. 


Note: An event is never 100% predictable. Finally, the event is a living thing and people are at the center. 


Although there is no perfect recipe, and not everything can go as planned, the basis for a successful event should lay  in the hands of a professional organization. 


For the organization of events several points are subject to request. 


Some of them are: 


  • How many quests?
  • In what atmosphere do you want to create?
  • What is the budget?
  • Is there a fixed date, or flexible  options?
  • Is the event indoor  outdoor or combined?
  • Is there a fair-weather / bad weather program?
  • Has the event a theme, and is there is a dress code?
  • How should the guests arrive (Self-drive or organized, car or public transport etc.) is there ample parking?


These are just some basic question that must be resolved early on. Because these factors  define the framework of a well organized and successful event . 


Once the basic data of the event are defined, operational planning can begin. The search for a suitable venue  is one of the biggest challenges for an unforgettable  event. Special event locations are in high demand and therefore often fully booked over a longer period. This must be taken into account and therefore enquire early. Once you have the  location you can start with the next steps such as appropriate furniture, decor, entertainment, catering, etc. 


Comprehensive and practical checklists for the planning of events can be found on the web by the dozen. It is best to seek out one appropriate to your event and adapt them to your needs. If you organize a wedding, you will find lists in my post about wedding preparation. 


And remember ... at every event, be it ever so well planned, unforeseen obstacles may arise. The aim is to keep calm and stay positive. 


I wish you success in planning and implementing your next event!

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