Tipps for Corporate Events 


Hosting events is a great way for your business to engage your clients, connect with prospects, and get your name in the news. Here are some ideas for types of events your business could host. 



1. Business dinners: 

One of the most traditional business events, business dinners can be held for a range of reasons, from celebrating milestones to simply getting together with employees and clients. 


2. Grand Openings: 

Did you just renovate your store, or are you planning to open soon? Having a grand opening event brings gets the word out faster and creates a buzz around your new venture. 


3. Sales Event: 

You are having a BIG sale but so is everyone else in your mall location. Why not differentiate yourself by having a DJ play music in your store. 


4. Networking events: 

These events are ideal for making new contacts, leading to new clients, partners, and vendors. 


5. Product launches: 

Create a buzz around the release of your new product by holding a launch party. It's a good way to get customers excited and to generate media coverage. 


6. Award ceremonies: 

Boost employee morale by hosting an event to honor them for all of the things they've done for your company. 


7. Staff and Family Barbecues: 

Why not show your staff how much you appreciate them by hosting a barbecue for staff and family. 


8. Customer appreciation parties: 

Customer retention should always be a focus for your business. Show your customers how much you appreciate them by hosting an event just for them.


My clients book me for their Wedding Party at some of the premier venues across the North West and I have gained a reputation for being one of the most experienced and professional Wedding DJs in the region.  I aim to offer the highest levels of service for each client and I have a wealth of experience that couples can rely on to help make their joyous day a resounding success. 


My customers appreciate that I have worked in this industry for a long time and that I have the experience to help with the smooth running of their entertainment.  All couples have a budget and I respect that, but if you are looking for a cheap disco to try to compliment your special day, I wish you the best of luck.  However, if you are looking to hire someone who is passionate about their job, has years of experience behind them, tries their very best to exceed the expectations of their customers, then I am here for you. 



Experience is your advantage 


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